Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Medicine Might Be Wrong About Salt, Fat & BMI

Salt and fat kill you early, and your BMI tells you how early. That has been the wisdom for years, but wisdoms have an expiry date, too. Particularly medical wisdoms. Recent research says those three are probably well beyond their use-by date. [tweet this].  

We live in interesting times. Admitted, my view of times is myopic, it's focused on the biomedical. So, I'm obviously not referring to Greece teetering on the economic brink. In biomedicine our Greeks are the cherished wisdoms about salt, fat and BMI. Similarity 1: They are not doing so well. Similarity 2: Their balance sheet screams bankruptcy. Similarity 3: Our authorities won't kick them out for fear of a domino effect.
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Monday, July 16, 2012

How The Media Monkeys Get You Panicked About Sitting Too Long!

From "man is made to move" to "man is not made to sit" is a very recent transition of scientific insight. Let's get our readers panicked over more than not doing exercise, is the response of the media. Here is why you should sit down and get the facts straight before jumping up in fear. [tweet this].  
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Supplements: Nutrition Science Or Nutrition Crap?

Nutritionists claim they are doing science, consumers buy it, and the supplements industry makes a healthy living from it. Only you probably won't. Here is why: 
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One of the enduring diet questions is whether supplements are a good tool to (a) improve health, and (b) compensate for nutritional deficits of an enjoyable but less than healthy dietary habit.  
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